Think Carefully Before Designing Your New Build

My husband and I dream about building our own house someday.  We tinker around with what kinds of things we would include.  Being in the real estate business, I get the chance to see many houses. I LOVE THAT!  I get so many ideas of what to do and not do.  For example, we are going to remodel our kitchen in the fall.  When we add the island/bar area, I have learned that I don't want to break up [...]

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January 2021 Heartland MLS Market Data

If you are thinking about getting into the housing market, either to buy or sell, I am certain you have heard the buzz about how crazy things are right now.  Available houses are practically non existant.  Just to put it into perspective, there are usually about 4-6 months worth of home inventory on the market.  Currently?  THERE IS .9!  Yes, that is LESS THAN 1 MONTH.  The rules of supply and demand are driving prices up, just about every [...]

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Community Crime Map: Connecting the Police with the Community

I have discovered this great resource!  It is a data base that plots the police data onto a Crime Map.  This is very handy when you are considering buying a home in an area with which you are not entirely familiar.

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How Do I Know if This is a Good Area?

When looking for a new home, sometimes you are not always familiar with the area.  What do you do?  How do you find out about the crime in the area, or the quality of the school district for example?  I found a website called, "Areavibes" that appears to be pretty useful.  I like to give it to my clients so they can plug in the address of the home and check the "livibility score."  Check it out for yourself.  [...]

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I have found a GREAT LENDER!

I demand excellent service for my clients, and I would not work with anyone that didn't provide just that. For this reason, I wanted to share the name of a lender with which I have had a wonderful experience.  Her name is CINDY PUMMILL and she is a lender with Academy Mortgage.  Her history is public service and it shows.  She tells me that one of her #1 goals is to help people become homeowners.  It is easy to [...]

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What to be careful of when applying for a home loan

Many mortgages fall apart because the lendee did something to change their credit score.  Don't fall into this trap!  Lenders use debt-to-income ratio formulas to decide if you qualify for a mortgage loan.  If you do something to change your credit score, it could delay or cancel your loan. Open this document and read through it to avoid jeopardizing your loan!

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Do you find homebuying confusing?

Well that is because it TOTALLY IS! But it doesn't have to be. Here is a form that is simple and concise.  This form makes the home buying process easier to understand in 10 simple steps. Print it off and put it on your fridge when you are ready to buy a home! THINGS TO BE CAREFUL OF WHEN GETTING A HOME LOAN 1. Keep the same employment status. Now is not the time to change [...]

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