Annual Checklist for Home Maintenance

Your home is like your car. You must maintain it to protect your investment. Home maintenance prevents future problems. Here is an annual checklist to use so you can keep your home in top condition!

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Now is the time to BUY and SELL!

We are headed into  recession.  In a couple of weeks, the 2nd quarter will be upon us, and it will most likely show a shrinking ecomony.  Combine that with the first quarter's shrinking economy and that is was defines a recession (receding economy).  Will there be short sales and foreclosures? Sure, because people are financially hurting.  Will it be a repeat of 2008?  Absolutely not.  The current market is a result of short supply and high demand. The higher [...]

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There is a new kind of real estate brokerage in town…

JOIN US!   On October 28th, from 3:30-6:30 pm, UNISON Real Estate Group is having our grand opening! We are opening our doors for fun and celebration! Click on the video to learn more details. 509 NW 5th Street, Blue Springs, MO 64014 (behind Hobby Lobby on 7 hwy)

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More signs of a recovering housing market in KCMO!

So it is a SLOW and PAINFUL march, but if you are interested in buying or selling (or both) real estate in the KCMO area, you are going to want to stay tuned to this blog.  I keep my finger on the pulse of the local housing market and report whenever something noteworthy happens. The housing market in KCMO is making a comeback.  The trends are undeniable and have been happening for about five months now. The market value [...]

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Are you managing a probate? I would like to talk to you.

If you are a personal representative for a probate estate, I would like to talk to you.  Please click the video link to see how I can help. You can reach me at: 816-309-5067 (cell) or 816-782-8082 (office).  Email address is:

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June ’21 KCMO Housing Market Numbers

When I mentioned the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way, but we have a long way to go? I give you the June 2021 housing numbers. This is the picture that the data paints for us. In KCMO, the inventory in March was .7, in May it was .8 and in June it is now .9. The average is 4-6 months. Be patient everyone. Things are heading in the right direction. Click on the image for a [...]

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