Your home is your biggest investment.  There is a saying in the stock market, “buy low and sell high.”  Well, currently we are under extraordinary circumstances, and it is a good time to do both.  The average sales price of homes in Jackson County has gone up 26.6% since this time last year.  This means if your home was worth $200,000 this time last year, then currently is has most likely gained over $53,000 in equity!  Because there are so few houses on the market and so many buyers looking to buy a home, most people who DO sell their house sell it easily and for top dollar.  Furthermore, for those who are buying at top dollar, if the average sales price of homes continues to grow (like many market forecasters have predicted), then it won’t be long before current home buyers have equity in their new purchase as well.  The current situation in the real estate market is a WIN-WIN FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS. If you are thinking about listing, but you are afraid you won’t be able to find a place to live?  Well, there are safe and worry-free ways around that as well.  Feel free to reach out and I will explain.