Okay so I hesitate to even say anything out loud, but I am feeling (cautiously) optimistic.  Why still so guarded?  Because we have a LONG way to go.  I have seen signs that things are starting to stall (a small increase in inventory, a small decrease in active buyers), but compared to the rest of the country KCMO has been hit much harder than most. Now there is news that the lumber prices are coming down, more buyers are jumping ship, and inventory continues to slowly climb.  Good news on the economy, too.  Unemployment continues to go down as wages are starting to grow.  So instead of stalling, that proverbial pendulum is starting to move back the other way EVER so slowly.  Add to that the natural rhythm of the housing market.  Things slow during the colder months, so if you are a buyer looking for a home, you MAY have better luck starting in Octoberish???  We will have to wait and see.  Click the picture for a recent article on the national market.