My husband and I dream about building our own house someday.  We tinker around with what kinds of things we would include.  Being in the real estate business, I get the chance to see many houses. I LOVE THAT!  I get so many ideas of what to do and not do.  For example, we are going to remodel our kitchen in the fall.  When we add the island/bar area, I have learned that I don’t want to break up that space with anything.  I have seen sinks and stovetops placed right in the middle.  I think, for how we live, I will leave all of that counter area open space.  This part of our house has naturally become the heart of our home, so we are just going to go with it.  What would you do differently to your home if you had the chance? Click on the kitchen picture for some cool ideas. (Love the built-in hamper idea in the bathroom! Genius!)